Better Food & Nutrition

  • Plant-based mobile business catering
  • Food truck
  • Cooking workshops

Active Movement Workshops

  • Yoga and functional fitness workshops, designed to engage your body and mind
  • Teambuilding activities

Conscious Being

  • Coliving and coworking retreats in Nature
  • Mindfulness for all

Power  ProVida is dedicated to providing a balanced lifestyle for all

We work with businesses and individuals to bring plant-based home cooking, yoga and functional fitness, and mindfulness for all to those who desire it. We are convinced that preventative health is holistic and good sense. Let us show you how to get there. 

Weekend Retreat

Wackerberg, Germany 

11 — 14 October

A three-night weekend retreat surrounded by the immense beauty and solitude of the Northern Eifel. Our Weekend Retreat fun of yoga, meditation, workshops, and bonfires, is perfect for those ready to commit to a more balanced lifestyle for the new year.


Winter Escape

Northern Portugal

November — January

Our first seasonal retreat begins in the warmer climes of Aveiro, on a family-run organic farm. Come to work, to relax, to connect. Yoga and meditation classes, cooking, and gardening. And a stable internet connection and office to allow your remote work.

Life is complicated. Focus on what’s essential

We advocate a holistic preventative health program focused on better eating, more conscious movement, and mindfulness in everyday activities. We call it the 3B’s. Power ProVida brings this strategy to your business and our retreats, allowing workers and guests to experience the benefits of a balanced lifestyle, thereby reducing stress and burnout, and increasing happiness    

About Power ProVida

A Wellness Collective based in Cologne, Germany

Power ProVida is a young international team from Germany, Spain, and the United States. With humble beginnings, we are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals find their equilibrium through food, movement, and consciousness.

First Roots

It started with a trip through Latin America. Inspiration was everywhere and the fresh ingredients and surrounding nature was like a remedy to an overworked soul. After returning to Europe, we decided to build a food bike to serve people delicious and healthy food. We have expanded to a full food truck and catering business.


We all needed a break. And we want to give others that opportunity to find spontaneity and a small dose of adventure in this modern life. Power ProVida retreats are open to everyone, and we also encourage businesses to get in touch to arrange private retreats for teams.

Our Future

We are all doers and dreamers. Our horizon looks bright with a permanent retreat center in Iberia, more sustainable catering programs, nutritonist-backed recipes and insights on our blog and newsletter, as well as various seasonal retreats.

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You’ll find us around Cologne and abroad, but we have a home too.

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