About Us

Hussein Al-Deb'i


A positive mental attitude, curiosity, and self-growing through experience are Hudy’s thoughts, when it’s about living a conscious life in order to teach himself through physical actions. Naming it school of life and living it for the last 5 years made him the person he is today: He is a visionary & active person who believes in a collective awakening of humankind in order to thrive towards a sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

As one of the co-founders of PowerProvida, he does all final decisions and has dedicated himself to the project as ambassador, to get into contact with people of the same frequency. A balanced lifestyle of activities in nature, a plant-based diet, silence and interaction with people opened up his mind on another conscious level within he expresses himself as a person, who wants to fulfill his personal destiny in life.

His dream of collaborating collectives with a shared sustainable identity make him wake up every morning with a deep breath, a big smile and huge motivation to get one step further.

Vanessa Al-Deb'i


Sharing is caring. This is Vanessas life motto expressing her empathetic attempt of contributing to a better world. Sharing in terms of knowledge, possibilities, ideas, opinions and other spiritual contents. And of course also in terms of materialistic things such as food, clothes and anything else that could make somebody happy who needs it. She has more pleasure in giving than taking, which shows her selfless nature.

She has dedicated herself to the exploration and creation of countless recipes. The plant-based lifestyle has also led her to a world beyond only food. Sustainability wants to be lived on all levels. In the practice of Yoga and Meditation she has found her way to balance body and mind. This summer, she has also accomplished her Yoga instructor and can’t wait to start teaching one of her big passions.

Breathing consciously is a quick way to keep stressful situations away during the day. As a culturally interested and curious person traveling is a heart matter for Vanessa.

Patricia de León

Marketing / Social Media

Big-hearted Spanish animal and tree hugger. Patricia is a new addition to our collective. So far she helps with online marketing, management, art and design and international relations.

Patricia switched to a plant-based diet a few years ago after seeing one too many documentaries about the animal industry. She continually finds new reasons to improve her diet. Hiking is her favorite outdoor activity and led her to breathtaking landscapes through North, South America, Europe and West Africa.

Patricia uses macramé and fiber art design as one of numerous artistic ways to practice mindfulness.

Jimmy Baum

Technology and Research

Nomadic seeker of knowledge on a semi-permanent vision quest. Equal parts a utopian and pragmatist, Jimmy handles technology, research and kitchen prep.

Switching to a plant-based diet spiraled into a more intersectional practice of buying, cooking and eating without compromising on taste and nutrition. He enjoys being on a hiking trail, trying his hand at surfing and bouldering and doing yoga with friends. He loves early mornings, three occasional conscious deep breathes, dhikr, and literature to bring balance into the everyday. 

Power ProVida is dedicated to bringing balance, joy, and positivity to your life. Eat, move, and be with us on the first of many retreats and special programs.

Power ProVida