Conscious Eating


For your birthday, for your business meeting, your wedding, no matter for what occasion, you can order a sustainable and plant-based catering with us.

Choose from a broad and seasonally changing menu. We offer salads, dips, bread, falafel, curry, casseroles, arab traditional dishes and more. See some of our prices and food offers in the price list.

Balanced Lunch Breaks

Many offices do not have a canteen and this means there is not much variety regarding a balanced and healthy lunch during the breaks. We have conceptualized a delivery system that any office in Köln can participate in with a minimum of 7 orders.

Once a week we send you the weekly menu which is going to be delivered on Wednesday’s. Please send us your business e-mail address in order to be added to the weekly-menu email list.


During the spring and summer seasons you can find us in and around Cologne on many green and sustainable markets. We are partners of the collective “Helios & Selene” with their “Markt für gutes Leben”, which takes place in Odonien most of the times and “der Grüne Markt”, wich takes place a few times per year in Bonn, Köln and Düsseldorf. Whatever is taking place, you are going to be informed about it on our social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. Follow us to stay informed.


    Menu (Changed Weekly)

    Main dish of the week + salad of the week: For Balanced Lunch Break orders use the online order form. For catering there is a choice of various dishes


    Broad choice of various salads: Choose weekly seasonal salad or see all our salad creations for catering

    • Dinkel flatbread: Fresh homemade pitabread
    • Dips: delicious dips and creams for your falafel, bread or Manaesh
    • FalafelTraditional family recipe from Palestine made of chick pea, parsley, onion and 7 oriental spices
    • Manaesh: Traditional middle Eastern breakfast pizza with different toppings made of spelt dough.
    Sweet Delights
    • Cakes: Homemade cakes and pies based on the healthiest, most natural and delicious ingredients possible
    • Powerballs: Energizing and uplifting sweet balls based on dates, raw cacao, many nutrient nuts and seeds
    • Layer dessert: Dessert with different kinds of layers such as fruit, Cremes, cakes and crunch
    Breakfast Sweets

    Granola with oat milk: Home-baked Granola with different nuts and seeds, the perfect start into the day


    Three days + three nights of yoga and relaxation

    From October 11-14 a group of 14 maximum people are going on a journey to Eifel National Park in order to find back to their centered self by practicing yoga, meditation, hiking and functional fitness, learn more about conscious eating and a healthy relation to yourself as well as the environment. Check out our retreats in Hundsberg and Wackerberg, read more and become part of the experience.

    We are planning further retreats in Wackerberg for next year and the first Base “Hoja Viva” is being planned in Spain or Portugal.

    Hoja Viva Project

    This winter season we are going on a research and investigation trip through Portugal and Northern Spain in order to start our project “Hoja Viva”. The project means “living leaf” and represents our philosophy. Our vision is to find a place in a rural and fertile region where there is enough space, clean air and fresh water to start building our first Roots Base for Coworking and Coliving combined with our retreat offers.

    The idea is to set up a peaceful environment where freelancers, digital nomads as well as teams can awaken or deepen their creativity, let themselves be cared of in terms of food and sports program and enjoy the warm and vibrant climate of Southern Europe.

    The first properties have been visited, the first love has been felt and negotiations have been carried on. Follow us on Social Media to stay informed about this project.

    Power ProVida is dedicated to bringing balance, joy, and positivity to your life. Eat, move, and be with us on the first of many retreats and special programs.