The meaning of the word retreat means a withdrawal.

This withdrawal can be interpreted in many different ways. While many Buddhist retreats relate to silence seminars, one can generally speak of a time-out, a retreat, with the aim of getting away from the now overcrowded everyday life with all its duties and the backhand of to-do’s and to remove the tasks mostly determined from the outside. To let yourself go, to make room for your own thoughts and feelings and to allow space for other inner processes.

This is done through a daily schedule with a supporting program that focuses on self-experience and body experience. At PowerProVida this means: whole-day, plant-based catering, cooking workshops, mindfulness workshops, such as mindful eating, sitting and walking meditation, dream trips, body-mind connection, morning yoga sessions, meditative forest bathing and joint reflection in subsequent rounds of talks.

Free time can be enjoyed in a natural environment and peaceful ambience with a round in the whirlpool, outdoor pool, sauna, in the library or reading corner and around the campfire. Our personal goal is to provide every participant with sustainable tools and methods, to reflect on the essentials at all times and to use what they have learned intuitively back in everyday life. We attach great importance to authentic, individual program items and passionate trainers who lovingly pass on their knowledge to you.

Spring Awakening On A Wellness Weekend

15-18 May, Wackerberg

The price includes 3 nights, 4 days of a lovingly coordinated program of yoga, meditation, body-mind workshop, mindfulness workshops, cooking workshop, forest bathing, and more. Let yourself be spoiled with culinary delights with Ayurvedic balanced brunch and dinner and coffee, water, fruit and tea at any time. Dive into the entertainment program around the campfire, enjoy pure relaxation in the outdoor pool and sauna.

More Information And Prices

  • Luxury double room for 2 people, 999 €
  • 1 place in a luxury double room, 550 €
  • Single bed in a luxury shared room, 550 €

Summer in the Eifel idyll Villa Hundsberg

5th-8th June, Hundsberg

3rd-6th July, Hundsberg

The Villa Hundsberg is located on the edge of the beautiful Eifel. Surrounded by nothing but forest, we invite you to experience the beginning of summer time with us. A feel-good weekend just for you, your mind, your body. We have put together a new program to bring the new, lively season to bloom, to immerse yourself in nature and to bring you a little bit more to yourself. In exchange with enthusiastic and motivated trainers, we would like to create an interactive experience with you, from which everyone involved will benefit for a long time. With the help of the 3 B’s Conscious Eating, Conscious Moving and Conscious Being, all 3 essentials are brought into balance. 

The price includes 3 nights in stylishly furnished rooms with cozy beds. 4 days lovingly coordinated program of yoga, meditation, body-mind workshop, mindfulness workshops, cooking workshop, forest bathing, and much more. Let yourself be spoiled with culinary delights at Ayurvedic balanced brunch and dinner and tea, water, fruit and coffee at any time. Dive into the entertainment program around the campfire, enjoy pure relaxation in the hot outdoor whirlpool and sauna. With its baroque, cozy and charming furnishing style, the 500 sqm. luxury villa invites you to dream, switch off and relax.

Mehr Informationen und Preis

  • Luxury double room for 2 people, 999 €
  • 1 place in a luxury double room, 550 €
  • Single bed in a luxury shared room, 550 €


How do I Travel without a car?

As part of our national retreats, such as the weekend retreat in the Eifel, we always try to plan in the interest of the environment and, if possible, organize carpooling among the guests. If the plan doesn’t work out, we also offer a shuttle service from Cologne. Please contact us if you would like to use the service. Arriving by train is of course also possible. Please contact us for the closest station.

For the retreats and coworking / coliving in Portugal, traveling by plane to Porto Airport or Lisbon is probably the most uncomplicated option. There are rental cars available or busses from the airports to the closest city near us called Sertã. Please contact us for further information.

Will there be enough food and drinks?

As part of our retreats, we offer all-round carefree catering that includes brunch, coffee, tea, water, snacks and dinner. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the price and won’t be offered. Please note that there is no neighbor within 3 kilometers and therefore no shop or kiosk. We will occasionally go shopping for fresh goods from farmers in the vicinity, so that a wish can also be fulfilled.

What can I do in the surroundings?

In the accommodations, we provide a range of information material for hiking trails in the immediate vicinity. In the Eifel, hikes through the national park are probably the most attractive thing to do outside of our retreat program put together for you and some can be started directly from the property. The property can also be used for recreation and entertainment with all its equipment and forest.

Is there an age limit for the retreat?


How can I design my leisure time?

In principle, we recommend taking part in the daily program that we have prepared and tailored for you and relaxing during the breaks, in the pool, in the sauna, on the terrace, during an afternoon nap or a good conversation.

What should I bring?

Depending on the season and location, the weather conditions naturally differ greatly. Rainproof and warmer clothing is definitely recommended for the Eifel retreat in fall. Since it is not certain whether late summer will still honor us and because of the pool and sauna on the property, swimwear and a sauna towel are recommended.

If you have a yoga mat, please bring it with you so that you can feel at home in our units. If you would like to borrow a yoga mat from us, we will be happy to bring one with for you. Just let us know beforehand. You should also have comfortable sports clothing for functional fitness, yoga, hiking and meditation with you. We will provide some books that we would like to share with you, but you are also invited to share your most interesting and moving literature with us or to pack it up for yourself.

What's the weather like?

Of course, we are always optimistic about the weather and always start from the best, which means for October in the Eifel that we would very much welcome the late summer there. Should it get a little colder, we are on hand with a fireplace, sauna and cozy program.

The climate table of Portugal can be viewed here.

In the winter months, the thick sweater, warm socks and jacket should definitely not be missing, but it is sunny and far from being as cold as in Germany.

Is there a supermarket?

Unfortunately not in the immediate vicinity, but with the help of a car one can be reached within 5 km.

Do I have to participate in every program point?

Despite the recommendation, none of the guests is obliged to participate in the program. For organizational reasons, please let us know in due time whether and which program item cannot be taken part.

Power ProVida is dedicated to bringing balance, joy, and positivity to your life. Eat, move, and be with us on our many retreats and special programs.