Be A Part of Hoja Viva

Perhaps you are already dreaming of the time after the crisis that is currently everywhere in the world, in freedom, in nature, out of the city, just not seeing any concrete and working with your own hands? Then you are exactly right with us.

Because at the beginning of 2020 we finally found a dream land where exactly that can become a reality.

The basics are already there.

Flowing water from our own spring, 10 hectares of fertile, abundant earth with many fruit trees, such as kiwi, nectarines, pears, quinces, cherries, figs, grapes and many more. Extended on many terraces, the area reaches out to a beautiful valley in a southwesterly direction. There are also plenty of buildings and ruins. Here you can really let off steam and be creative. With a house that is already ready for occupation, the first rooms already exist, which means sleeping places for the first volunteers.

Which Project Is Going To Be Realized?

We call it ‘Hoja Viva’, the living leaf. On the historic, beautiful farm that we were able to buy from an old couple, a place is to be created in the future where everyone is welcome who needs a retreat, a place to slow down. Basically it is easy, there should be enough fruit, vegetables, water, air and space to give the creative mind back what it needs. Not only private individuals, but also entrepreneurs and entire teams are welcome here to benefit from the lively atmosphere. In the form of yoga / meditation / mindfulness retreats and co-working or co-living. We would like to work with you to offer the program as early as summer 2021, until then we would like to start a slightly different form of retreat with you. In the sense of giving and taking.

We Offer

A place to sleep, meals, regular yoga sessions and an infinite amount of nature to let off steam, long evenings with great conversations and lots of good vibes, music, as much as you like 🙂

Of course, in the warm seasons you can also find your place to sleep in your tent anywhere in the country, in the Garden of Eden under trees or near the rippling water.

We Need

Motivated, talented and optimistic people who are as keen as we are on a project where the love of life can be expressed in exchange with nature. Optimally, you are familiar with the following areas: house building, roofing, permaculture, gardening / landscaping, free energy.

Of course, other motivated and hardworking interested parties are welcome to introduce themselves to us. Even if you do not know exactly when you can come to us due to the current situation, please do not hesitate to contact us and announce your interest. We look forward to your message.

Where’s The Journey Going?

We are located in the center of the center of Portugal, in the Castelo Branco region, more precisely near the city of Oleiros. Lisbon and Porto airports are both equidistant. The journey by car from there takes 2.5 hours. There are toll roads in Portugal, but the route to us is just as quick via the toll-free road, and also much nicer to look at 🙂 In the best case, you rent a small rental car so that you are independent on site, can visit the river beaches and others can reach great sights. However, it may not be a problem for us to pick up one or the other at the closest next-biggest city called Sertã, which can be reached easily by bus from the airports.

Power ProVida is dedicated to bringing balance, joy, and positivity to your life. Eat, move, and be with us on the first of many retreats and special programs.

Power ProVida